Activity Fitter - Leaves pure GPS tracks

Ever since I used my Garmin to track my training, I wished to be able to share my ridden tracks without having to share my personal data such as heart rate, cadence or power meter data. Online applications like Strava or Garmin Connect provide sharing or keeping activities private, yet not sharing just the basic amount of data for your friends to re-ride your routes.
Furthermore activity tracking wristbands and such are state of the art wearables with rich functionality. Wanting just to show off your daily footsteps, or your last ride, but you can't remove the very private rest?

My Activity Fitter provides just that!

It's a clean and simple tool to remove any kind of personal data from your activity files. No matter if it's an .gpx, .tcx or .fit file format, Activity Fitter takes it and shows you the contained and removable information. It still leaves it to you, whether you want to remove all or just some!

You want Activity Fitter? Join the public BETA testing and download it now:

Activity Fitter is free of charge and will go on to be freeware after its release too. It might by then become Open Source as well. Currently only MS Windows is supported, tested on 7 & 8.1. Depending on demand, we could see support for OS X and/or Linux too by the end of August. For now please use Wine(-bottler ) or similar software, it should work and will be tested by me soon.

Troubleshooting / FAQ:

Your file format is not supported or the data you want to remove doesn't show up?
Leave a request in the comments section and provide a sample if possible, for me to test on it.

You're missing some kind of functionality?
Just go straight ahead to the comments and request it, we'll see what's possible!

You have found a bug?
Note that we're still in an open BETA status, so bugs can appear more often than usual. If it is not noted in the known issues section, please report any failure of the program in the comments here or on the blog! It'd be very supportive adding precise documentation on how and where the problem showed up, to be able to reproduce it.

Current version:

Known issues:
- Currently none, find some and report them!
Requested features:
  • Daum Ergo data support
  • Expanded powermeter data support

- Update

Issue fixed where spaces in the file path of files opened on app start caused the program not to open the file
Changed reading procedure for .gpx

- Update
Issue fixed where .fit files got destroyed after multiple edits
Issue fixed where .fit files got bigger through editing
General improved .fit support
Various Bug-Fixes

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